The Barcinno Startup Expo is an opportunity for local startups to showcase their work to potential investors, advisors, future team members, and fellow entrepreneurs in Barcelona. 

The Startup Expo is unlike any other event, so join us at the Barcelona Growth Centre (formerly MediaTIC) on November 27th to raise the profile of the Barcelona community, and your startup!
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The cost to participate is €90+IVA per startup. Participating startups will:
- Be presented to the startup and investor communities of Barcelona
- Receive high-profile exposure through all Fest-up marketing & PR
- Recieve an invitation to the Fest-UP Awards Dinner on Friday night (28th) at Astoria with Wayra, Startup Party and key members of the BCN investment community (€35 value). 
- Receive a recorded 1-minute Elevator Pitch 
- Be included in the Official Startup Expo Guide handed out to all investors
- Qualify for the Fest-up Awards!
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The price is €90 +IVA, or €108.90.  You may contact with any questions about the Barcinno Startup Expo or to request an electronic invoice.
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